Rollix Slewing Ring

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It is necessary to choose the slewing ring by comparing the loads and/or stresses associated with the intended application with the characteristics of a known slewing ring.

As the case may be:

When there is no dimensional requirement, the optimal ring for this use will be selected according to the load requirements.

When there are dimensional constraints (diameter, module, weight, etc.) the suitability of the slewing ring considered will be verified and its life calculated.

The load curves are calculated according to the ability of the ring considered to handle the loads shown on the coordinate axes, and this as a function of:

Its geometric envelope,

The type of steel used,

The heat treatment,

The type of rolling elements, etc.

The contact parameters of the rolling elements.

TBM Tunnel Boring Machine Excellent quality slewing ring

13000 rpm 1.00 mm
10000 rpm 7500 rpm

Cheap Double-Row Ball Slewing Bearings

Hitachi 4185246
1 pcs Negotiable

single row crossed roller slewing bearing for manipulator

22000 rpm 17.000 mm
5400 N 0.30 mm

miniature slewing ring bearing

134000 N 2.00 mm
34.00 mm 2100 rpm

Slew Ring Bearing For Portainer Crane

170 mm 9 mm
17.5 kg Tr 320x5

Slew Ring for Container Spreader

20mm 7500
0.26 KGS 30mm

skylift slewing ring bearing

W 13 57.15 mm
14.554 mm 15.9 mm

Slew Bearing Ring swivel bearing with high quality

25.000 mm 39000 N
62.0000 mm 10000 rpm

Large turntable slewing bearing slewing ring

14600 N 11000 rpm
13000 rpm 17.000 mm

slewing circle Slewing Bearing for earth moving genuine

2.95 8000
Standard 25mm

slewing bearing for scissor lift

2000 188
201 290mm

slewing ring bearing for machinery parts rotating platform

3.75 kg KMFE 30
87 mm M 150x2