Should you replace both CV axles at the same time?

2021-02-02 16:45:39

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When does a CV axle need to be replaced? - Testing AutosMar 21, 2020 — Do both CV axles need to be replaced at the same time? No, it's not necessary; there is no need to replace a CV axle if it's in good shape

Should I replace BOTH half-shafts? - Honda Accord ForumThis will be my 1st replacement of either axle, and its been awhile since I have Accord CV axles are very good and usually only fail due to failed boots. i got both from there because they failed at nearly the same time (boot split) and ive Replacing half shafts or cv joint - Maintenance/Repairs - CarJul 4, 2016 — How hard is it to replace the cv joint, or should I do the half shaft and should I do the other side Don't remove both shafts at the same time

Should You Replace Both CV Axles At The Same Time?
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Need to replace both axles? | EricTheCarGuyJun 1, 2013 — The other one is fine. I was told when replacing axle, both of them should be replaced the same time. Is this true? Creator. Topic

Should I replace one Cv Joint ( Axle Shaft) or Both? | BMWDec 16, 2013 — Like maybe vibration or weird wobble or should I not experience any difference? in my 02 330xi about 2 years ago with a shaft from Carquest (same as Napa really. Definitely replace both (you will regret it later if you dont), and Replacing both sides is a preventative measure and if $$ and time allow, should i replace both cv shafts or just one? - General Forums side and when i do my cv shaft/struts should i change my tierods? in mind unless you have manual hubs, the CV shafts spin all the time on 

Should You Replace Both CV Axles At The Same Time?
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Should you replace both CV axles at the same time? - HomeXShould you replace both CV axles at the same time? OEM parts are more expensive, but OEM quality is often better. Replacing the rear CV axes tends to be more CV Axel Shaft replacement-- one sides bad but should both beSep 3, 2010 — If you're replacing the CV axle yourself, it would be less labor and only a bad one, should I still just replace the boot, or would you recommend the axle? By the way, its a v8 sr5 all time four wheel drive with 104,000 miles

CV Joint Replacement - Everything You Need to KnowYour front wheels move up and down with suspension travel, and must be able to They're connected by a short, round bar of metal, called an axle shaft. has significant mileage, consider doing both axles and all four joints at the same timeShould I replace the CV joint or just grease it? I hear someShould I replace both or just the faulty one? After you've examined the axles with a light, it should be pretty obvious if one or more of the CV boots has split You rotate them at the same time and replace them at the same time to keep your